GIOVANNI ANTONIO CANAL, called CANALETTO and Studio (Venice 1697 - 1768)

This previously unpublished painting is one of four known versions of this composition depicting San Pietro di Castello. The church’s façade, carefully described in the present picture, dates to the late 16th Century and derives from a design by Andrea Palladio. Illuminated from the left by a warm light, the composition is populated by an array of gondolas, hay-barges and boats sailing along the calm waters of the lagoon, which are described by the gentle white highlights characteristic of Canaletto. The figures, described by fluid brushstrokes, animate the scene with their red, yellow and blue robes, while the white Istrian stones of the church façade and the surrounding buildings are depicted with painstaking attention to detail and surface texture. A drawing of San Pietro di Castello by Canaletto is now in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle (inv. no. RL 7485).

Venice, San Pietro di Castello
Oil on canvas, 68 x 114 cm

Private collection, United Kingdom.

Charles Beddington, 2013.