ANTONIO JOLI (Modena 1700 - 1770 Naples)

The present views are executed with fine, luminous brushstrokes and a meticulous attention to topographical detail characteristic of Antonio Joli, a view painter active at the Neapolitan court of Ferdinando IV. The first canvas represents a section of the bay of Naples seen from the no longer extant Santa Lucia, a rione, or neighbourhood, of the old city that perched on the sea.  In the second canvas, the gulf of Pozzuoli seen from Bagnoli extends from the headland of Capo Miseno on the far right to the shores of Coroglio on the left.  The tranquil atmosphere of the coast in both views, conveyed through the harmonious palette and the soft handling of the brush, is animated by the presence of figures busily going about their daily business, elements that are typical of Joli’s narrative taste. Like Vanvitelli before him, Joli executed portraits of Naples and its surroundings to capture the beauty of the region as well as to provide accurate visual testimonies of specific views for local and foreign patrons alike. 

Naples, a view of the city from Santa Lucia

A view of the Gulf Pozzuoli with the Island of Nisida

A pair, oil on canvas, 75 x 129.5 cm

Nicola Spinosa, 2 March, 2012;
Ralph Toledano, 21 May, 2012.

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